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Your recruitment partner in Europe, Middle East and USA

Global - We locate and place candidates in any country, especially in Europe, the Middle-East and USA. The majority of our clients are Asian, including Indian, Japanese and Korean companies whose sales and manufacturing networks operate world-wide. Because of our international coverage, we satisfy the much-needed role of global support for multi-national corporations.

With partner offices in Frankfurt, London, Doha, Los Angeles and Florida, we have the resources to support you everywhere. If you need to recruit someone to represent your company in Europe, USA or elsewhere, then we are the right partner for you.

Recruitment – Whether you are seeking a Business Manager, Sales Representative, Service Technicans, or other roles, we will find for you the right people to drive your business expansion in Europe, the Middle East and USA.

Visionline Management is renowned for search-speed and quality of candidates. A company’s rate of expansion does not need to slow due to a need of qualified personnel – we help by delivering a fast and adaptable service, adjusted to every client.

Specialists - Our experience covers many diverse technical fields including IT, Telecom, Textiles, Steel, Oil & Gas, Factory Automation, Chemicals, Electronics, and Semi-Conductors. Technology drives the global community forward, with ever-increasing diversification and specialisation. In this day and age, every company seeks educated professionals.

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